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Fitmark Envoy bags introduced through the Playing Field

fitmark envoy

If you liked the look of either of the new Fitmark Envoy Series bags, the Envoy Backpack or Envoy Duffel, you may want to head over to the brand’s Playing Field as soon as possible. Basically instead of launching its two new bags for the regular price of $159.99 each, both of the Fitmark Envoy products have been introduced through the Playing Field. This is where the brand gives fans the chance to pre-order bags at half their usual price, which means you can get either of the Envoys for $79.99 up until they hit their target and get the green light.

While usually items in the Fitmark Playing Field program take anywhere from a week to a few weeks before reaching their goal. The Envoy Backpack is already over half way, with the Envoy Duffel being a little bit further along at almost three quarters. This progress has only happened in the past couple of days, meaning it probably won’t be long before the Fitmark Envoy bags get the green light. At $79.99 the Playing Field opportunity is definitely one you want to take advantage of as it essentially gives you two for the price of one.

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