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Gamma-Ray a versatile combination of four ingredients


Details on Kai Greene’s second Dynamik Muscle supplement, the pump pre-workout Gamma-Ray, have now been released. Much like the brand’s caffeinated pre-workout Savage Roar, things have been kept pretty simple for Gamma-Ray. Fortunately when it comes to pump pre-workouts that’s not a bad way to go. While the product only packs four different ingredients, it’s enough to make Gamma-Ray stackable with Savage, further complete a dose in the Dynamik pre-workout, and include a bit of a surprise.

The first feature in Dynamik Muscle’s Gamma-Ray is citrulline malate (2:1) at the exact same dose seen in Savage Roar. Basically if you didn’t think there was enough citrulline in Savage, then you can stack it with Gamma-Ray to double the amount. Next on the list we have two very popular and effective pump ingredients with 1g of Hydromax glycerol and half a gram of agmatine sulfate. Rounding out Gamma Ray’s facts panel is the surprise we talked about with 25mg of epicatechins, something you usually only find in muscle-building formulas.

In short Dynamik Muscle’s upcoming Gamma-Ray is a simple pump pre-workout, much like MTS Nutrition’s four ingredient Vasky and Purus Labs’ Noxygen, but with its own unique combination. While the supplement will most likely deliver on its own, you’ll definitely have a lot more fun stacking Gamma-Ray with the stimulant powered Savage Roar.

Dynamik Muscle Gamma-Ray


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