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Isolator’s Kai Greene Collection now available for pre-order

Kai Greene Collection

Despite the announcement of Isolator Fitness and Kai Greene partnering up only coming in a couple of days ago, the Kai Greene Collection is now available for pre-order. Just as we thought would be the case, the collaboration hasn’t resulted in any entirely new designs. The Predator’s own line of bags is made of custom printed versions of current Isolator products. While there are five items to choose from, only three of them are different bags. Fans have the choice of the Isopack at $199.99, Isoduffle at $149.99 and classic six meal Isobag at $89.99, with all except the Isoduffle coming with two different design options. Pre-orders are expected to be shipped on October 1st, with Isolator’s website being the place to go to secure yourself a Kai Greene Collection bag.