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High energy, nitrate based MTS Ruckus coming soon


MTS Nutrition has announced exactly what its next new supplement is going to be, and it is quite the surprise. While Marc Lobliner does already have a stimulant powered pre-workout competitor with the recently added to MTS Clash. Soon he is actually going to have another. The name of the upcoming product is MTS Ruckus, although the much more important fact is what makes it different from the other MTS pre-workout Clash.

In short the difference between the all new MTS Ruckus and the brand’s current competitor Clash, is that the former is a lot more intense. At the moment we don’t unfortunately have a facts panel to go off to confirm exactly what separates Ruckus from Clash, we have however been given a bit of a description. The first detail is that the supplement will be high energy, suggesting Ruckus has a lot more stimulants. The only other pieces of information we have are that the product will have a nitrate base and feature some ATP elevators.

Based on what’s being said MTS Ruckus does sound more like the risky, hardcore formula we see from those looking to top the charts, as opposed to the safer, simpler combination of Clash. We will of course have to wait for the supplement to be released to find out just how good it is, a wait that is actually only expected to be another month or so.

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