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Havana Sunrise gives Nitramine the exact same menu as mTOR Pro

nitramine havana sunrise

As previously promised Myokem has revealed and released another flavor for its hit pre-workout Nitramine, finally giving fans a second option to choose from. Ever since the supplement arrived it’s been available in just the one somewhat uncommon flavor in Dragon Fruit. The lonely taste has now been joined by another, which Myokem fans will actually already be quite familiar with.

The flavor making it a menu of two for the pre-workout is one from the brand’s amino mTOR Pro, introducing Nitramine Havana Sunrise. The new addition not only gives the product a second option but also the exact same menu as mTOR Pro, as the supplements did already have Dragon Fruit in common.

For those interested in trying the all new Nitramine Havana Sunrise as soon as possible, it has already shown up at Natural Body where the product is pretty well priced at $34.99.

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