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Human Evolution’s upcoming clean protein Pro Maker Hydrolyzed

pro maker hydrolyzed

Human Evolution does in fact have quite a large variety of supplements, although only one of them is a protein powder. At the moment the brand’s solo entry in the category is Whey Protein 44, a straightforward whey and isolate formula. Human Evolution has now unveiled a second protein introducing Pro Maker Hydrolyzed. The name was obviously inspired by the man behind the brand’s formulations, the Pro Maker himself George Farrah, however as good as the name is there is of course a lot more to the product.

When it comes to protein powders there are plenty to choose from, most of which seem to be pretty much the same kind of thing. Pro Maker Hydrolyzed is one of the few that tries to stand out and not look like every one else by offering a handful of extra rarely seen features. Not only is the supplement made up of 100% hydrolyzed whey protein isolate but it is also gluten-free, naturally flavored with stevia and has absolutely no fat.

The macros making up Pro Maker Hydrolyzed are 30g of protein, just 2g of carbohydrates (1g fiber, 1g sugar), finishing off with a low-calorie count of 138. For those thinking 138 isn’t that high, keep in mind the brand has packed each serving with 30g of protein, not the usual 20 to 25g. If you actually work out the calories against that range the totals are a whole lot less sitting between 92 to 115.

Fans of Human Evolution or just fans of protein powders in general can expect to see Pro Maker Hydrolyzed on shelves sometime in the next three weeks. The product will be available in two 3lb flavors with the traditionals Chocolate and Vanilla, and is more than likely going to hit the brand’s website before anywhere else.

Human Evolution Pro Maker Hydrolyzed

pro maker hydrolyzed