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Kai Greene’s pre-workout Savage Roar keeps things simple

savage roar

As promised by both Dynamik Muscle and Kai Greene, the formula behind Dynamik’s upcoming pre-workout Savage Roar has been released. Also as promised the supplement is in fact 100% transparent, giving you a look at exactly what’s in the product. Looking at Savage Roar’s label which is posted below, it seems the brand has gone for mostly common ingredients, featuring all the usuals although there is one in the mix that’s definitely a bit more of a rarity.

When we say Savage Roar features all the usual ingredients, we mean things that you’ll find in almost every pre-workout. Some examples of that include the supplement’s 3.2g of beta-alanine, 2.5g citrulline malate (2:1), half a gram each of acetyl-l-tyrosine and l-carnitine-l-tartrate and 300mg of the classic caffeine. As for the other features making up Savage Roar you have hordenine, synephrine, Bioperine black pepper, and the not so common ingredient we talked about, AcroFuel acrecoline hydrobormide.

Now that we’ve got a closer look at one of the product’s from Kai Greene’s new brand Dynamik Muscle, we kind of get an idea on what we’re in for with the other three. Basically if Savage Roar is anything to go by, we’ll likely be seeing more common ingredients and doses. While we still don’t know what any of Dynamik’s other three upcoming supplements are, if a fat burner is on the list we can only imagine a combination of features like caffeine, yohimbe, green coffee bean, and a handful of others.

With Savage Roar’s details now out and about, it probably won’t be long before we actually see more on one or all of the other Dynamik Muscle products. The line is still expected to launch later this month, when we’ll definitely be lining up to get our own taste of the brand and find out just how well Kai Greene’s supplements compare to their competitors.

Dynamik Muscle Savage Roar

savage roar

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