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BCAA Plus follows the Betancourt Plus Series trend

bcaa plus

The last we heard on Betancourt Nutrition’s Plus Series BCAA supplement simply called BCAA Plus, was that it would feature Active TR time released leucine. On top of that it was also confirmed that the product would be launching in at least three flavors with Candy Watermelon, Passion Fruit and Tropical Punch. Today we have an update on the supplement as its official label has been released, revealing a couple of additional ingredients.

While Betancourt’s Plus Series is somewhat of a basic line, the products do tend to feature a little more than their titles suggest. You can see examples of this in the brand’s first two Plus supplements Carnitine and Glutamine, as on top of their title ingredients Glutamine packs a gram of vitamin C, and Carnitine with GBB, grains of paradise and Bioperine. As for Betancourt’s upcoming BCAA Plus the trend continues as alongside its 6g of 2:1:1 BCAAs, 4g of that being a blend of leucine and Active TR, the product packs a 1.5g hydration blend featuring taurine and Sustamine glutamine.

Despite all of Betancourt’s BCAA Plus information now being available, the supplement is still listed as coming soon. Unfortunately we don’t even have any kind of week or month for when it’ll arrive. However if you do want to grab it as soon as it lands you’ll want to keep an eye on the brand’s website, as that’s where Betancourt does tend to launch its products.

Betancourt Nutrition BCAA Plus

bcaa plus

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