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beast protein

The giant online retailer is now selling Beast Sports all new protein powder Beast Protein, however there does appear to be a bit of a surprise to the launch. While initially it may just look like the supplement has gone on sale as per usual in two 4lb flavors, Chocolate and Vanilla. It is when you take a closer look at the price of the product that you realize something is a little off.

Whether this is some kind of deal that’s not being promoted, a mistake, or something else entirely, has introduced Beast Protein at just $34.99. For those that aren’t big protein shoppers, that is an incredible deal as most 4lb tubs sit somewhere in between 40 and $50. It is also an incredible deal for Beast fans, as in some locations 4lb of the brand’s previous protein Beast Whey, will cost you around $45.

Basically this isn’t something you want to miss out on, whether you’re shopping for protein or a Beast Sports fan. You’ll also want to act fast if you’re interested, especially if this is some kind of mistake or a very limited time. There is of course the small chance that $34.99 is Beast Protein’s regular price at, however seeing as that’s a lot cheaper than almost every competitor we highly doubt it.