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Beast Mass preview followed by Beast Pump possibility

beast pump

The last couple of months have been pretty big for Beast Sports with the brand revealing three all new supplements, and releasing two of them. The products we’re talking about are Beast Protein, the pre-workout Predator, and the recently revealed, but yet to go on sale Beast Mass. If you were like us and thought the upcoming mass gainer was going to be Beast’s last for a while, you’ll be surprised to hear that the brand is in fact already working on another supplement.

While Beast hasn’t exactly done anything as major as unveiling another product, its done something equally as exciting by naming the category of a formula it’s currently working on. The brand has said it’s “testing new, stronger, better, bigger pump formulas”. With most companies that could mean a pump pre-workout or just another pre-workout, however since Beast only dropped the pre-workout Predator a month or so ago, we feel a dedicated Beast pump supplement is a lot more likely.

Based on the information released so far we can’t see the Beast pump formula being ready anytime soon, especially since the brand has said it’s still testing combinations.

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