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Body War adds and increases for its reformulated BodyShred


We recently saw Australian brand Body War reformulate its pre-workout PreWar, where it replaced AMP citrate and dendrobium with six different ingredients. Body War has now unveiled another supplements it’s reformulated with an all new version of the flavored fat burner BodyShred. Much like PreWar the brand has dropped AMP citrate and dendrobium, although to make up for the loss the updated BodyShred has had a few features added and a handful of doses increased.

Starting with the ingredients Body War has removed, outside of AMP citrate and dendrobium the only thing missing is olive leaf. The ingredients the brand has introduced are all features it added to PreWar with Huperzine A, n-acetyl l-tyrosine and the new stimulant n-methylpentyl-iminoglutaric acid. While that isn’t a lot to make up for the loss of AMP citrate and dendrobium, as mentioned Body War has upped a lot of BodyShred’s original ingredients. Some of the increased doses include 2g of acetyl l-carnitine instead of 650mg, 400mg more garcinia cambogia, 500mg of raspberry ketones compared to 300mg, and 100mg extra of green tea and green coffee bean.

To give you a complete look at the new BodyShred formula, Body War has actually given us a transparent version of the product’s label. It includes all the dose changes mentioned above, as well as numbers for everything else in the supplement. The last area we need to touch on is the menu for the updated BodyShred as just like PreWar, the fat burner has got a new set of flavors. Replacing Peaches & Cream, Cola Blast and Coconut Lychee are Fairy Floss, Strawberry Jam and Mango Punch.

Body War fans can expect to see the product on shelves around the same time as the reformulated PreWar, which is due to arrive early to late next month, with BodyShred being four to six weeks away.

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