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Epiq Slash details finally released after almost 4 months

epiq slash

As well as all the details on Epiq’s new muscle building formula Quad Test coming in today, we’ve also now got everything on the brand’s other supplement it previewed months ago. The fat burner Epiq Slash was the product the brand unveiled alongside Quad Test back in June, and just like the testosterone booster, a few of Slash’s contents were confirmed at the time. Up until today we only knew of caffeine, Bioperine black pepper and pu-erh tea, three features that actually make up less than half of Slash.

On top of the first three ingredients confirmed we have turmeric, garcinia, skullcap and yohimbe, which along with the other three have all been thrown into a 523mg proprietary blend. Of those seven only one has its dose listed beside it, confirming 200mg of caffeine per Epiq Slash serving. Outside of the blend there is only one other feature in the supplement with green coffee bean. Since it is the only ingredient in the product’s Weight Loss Matrix, it also makes it Slash’s second transparently dosed feature with green coffee at 200mg.

Like most good fat burners Epiq Slash promises all the usual effects including increased energy, focus, thermogenesis and of course overall weight loss. As for the price on the supplement, unlike Quad Test it has yet to go on sale so we don’t yet know how much it will cost. When it does however finally arrive you’ll definitely want to take in to consideration that Slash will only last you three weeks if you take its maximum of two capsules, twice a day.

Epiq Slash

epiq slash

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