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MTS Ruckus facts panel reveals two more ingredients

mts ruckus

The entire formula behind MTS Nutrition’s upcoming pre-workout MTS Ruckus has been released, following on from the six ingredients we were able to confirm almost one week ago. The only five features we previously knew of were taurine, n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, elevATP, Infinergy caffeine, NO3T betaine nitrate and vitamin C. Today’s MTS Ruckus label reveal not only names the remaining two ingredients in the high energy pre-workout, but it also gives us the doses for everything in the supplement.

On top of the six features we knew of MTS Nutrition has thrown two more into the product with n-methyltyramine HCl and hordenine. Those two are actually the lightest ingredients in MTS Ruckus at 50mg each, with the others being 1.5g for betaine nitrate, 1g each of taurine and n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, 404mg Infinergy, 150mg elevATP and lastly 250mg of vitamin C. All together as originally confirmed when word first got out on Ruckus, the combination of ingredients is expected to deliver a more intense, high energy experience compared to the brand’s other pre-workout Clash. While on the topic of the current MTS competitor it is worth pointing out again, that MTS Ruckus is not a replacement for Clash. As mentioned Ruckus is a more intense alternative and will be sold alongside Clash.

To round out the update we do have a few more details for MTS Ruckus with its official menu as well as when it will be available. Previously we did say there would be at least four flavors of Ruckus when it arrived in Green Apple, Fruit Punch, Grape and Lemon Lime. It turns out there is one more to add to that list making it five with another traditional taste in Blue Razz. As for when MTS Ruckus is due to go on sale the supplement is expected to hit Tiger Fitness the week of October 12th, which is exactly 10 days away.

MTS Nutrition MTS Ruckus

mts ruckus

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