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Controlled Labs stimulant free fat burner Red Trim coming soon

red trim

While Controlled Labs may be behind with its upcoming protein bar, the Venture Bar, as it’s just pushed back the product’s launch for a seventh time. The brand is doing much better with its own supplements, in fact in the last five months its managed to launch three new products. Controlled Labs is now looking to follow up those three with another supplement as today it has unveiled the new Red Trim.

Just like the brand’s other “Red” titled product Red Acid Reborn, Red Trim is going to be another weight loss formula. It isn’t however going to replace Red Acid Reborn, or at least we don’t expect it to, as Red Trim is being promoted as a stimulant free fat burner. Outside of the supplement being stimulant free we don’t really know anything else about it, just that it is said to be coming soon to the online retailer

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