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Adapt Nutrition set to launch intra-workout formula Intra Amino

intra amino

International brand Adapt Nutrition has confirmed that it is getting ready to release an entirely new supplement. The name of the product is Intra Amino, which is going to be the brand’s intra-workout effort, and seventh supplement overall. Despite no official image of Intra Amino being released just yet, Adapt has revealed a lot of details about the formula. As its name suggests the product will feature aminos as well as the all-important BCAAs, however there is quite a bit more to it.

Alongside Intra Amino’s unknown dose of BCAAs and aminos will also be betaine, citrulline, glutamine, and an electrolyte blend. Since we don’t know any of the ingredients’ doses, it is worth mentioning that the supplement’s serving size does have plenty of room weighing in at a heavy 16g. The only other detail we have is that one of Adapt Nutrition’s flavors for the product will be Pineapple.

From here the wait is now on for the arrival of Intra Amino, with no word on how close or even how far away Adapt is from launching it.

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