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MTS Tyrant unveiled and now available at Tiger Fitness

mts tyrant

Marc Lobliner has unveiled an all new addition to his brand MTS Nutrition, introducing the cortisol and estrogen control formula MTS Tyrant. The supplement is a fairly straightforward combination of four different ingredients, that like in every MTS product are all transparently dosed. The features making up MTS Tyrant are half a gram each of phosphatidylserine and green tea, 250mg diindolylmethane, and 200mg of calcium d-glucarate.

For those after a more official look at the formula, we have added MTS Tyrant’s label down below. As for those interested in purchasing the supplement, it is actually now available at the home of MTS Nutrition. Most of the time when the brand unveils new products we won’t see them in stock anywhere for a few weeks. It seems that is definitely not the case this time around as MTS Tyrant is already online at Tiger Fitness for $29.99 a bottle.

MTS Tyrant

mts tyrant

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