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Myokem’s Lab launch is here with up $5 off each supplement


Myokem’s highly anticipated Lab launch is finally here making Transport, Thyrovate, and the reformulated versions of Nitramine and Pyroxamine available for purchase. Like all of the innovative brand’s past Lab launches, Myokem has of course delivered on this one with top prices and even better bulk discounts. The individual costs of each supplement are $34.99 for Thryovate, $29.99 each for Pyroxamine and Nitramine, and the nutrient partitioner Transport the cheapest at $24.99. As mentioned there are bulk discounts, which should help encourage you to pick up more than just one product.

The way it works for those interested in purchasing two or more items is that if you grab two of any supplement you will get $2 off each one. Say for example you decide on Pyroxamine and Thyrovate, instead of paying $64.98 you’ll be looking at $60.98. The best discount you can get is if you grab three of any product as that gets you $3 more off totaling $5, or basically $15 off the total of the three supplements you choose. To take advantage of the Myokem Lab launch visit

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