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Reformulated Nitramine drops more than just picamilon


Over the past few weeks we’ve been posting details on all of Myokem’s upcoming supplements including the nutrient partitioner Transport, the stimulant free Thyrovate, and the reformulated fat burner Pyroxamine. Today we’ve got details on the brand’s fourth and final new product, the reformulated version of its top 10 pre-workout Nitramine. Much like its predecessor and the old Pyroxamine, the updated Nitramine does have a fair bit in common with Myokem’s new weight loss supplement, as well as of course the original Nitramine formula.

While the all new pre-workout does share some things with Myokem’s upcoming fat burner. We are just going to compare it to the previous version of Nitramine, that way fans of the product will have a better idea on what’s different. Basically most of the original has been carried over, with a few ingredients being removed and a few being added. The list of features kept on board includes all but one of the previous version’s transparent ingredients, at the same doses, with 2g of betaine, 1.6g beta-alanine, and half a gram of agmatine. The one exception is the carnitine which is now acetyl-l-carnitine instead of l-carnitine l-tartrate, although the dose is still 1g.

As for the rest of the ingredients carried over in the updated Nitramine, Myokem has also kept caffeine at 25mg more per scoop, citicoline, hordenine, higenamine, huperzine A, theobromine and BioPerine black pepper. Next we have the features that have been removed, a list that surprisingly isn’t only populated by picamilon. The brand has in fact removed two other ingredients as well as picamilon, seeing Nitramine without n-methyltyramine and rauwolfia. To make up for the loss Myokem has added three new features to the pre-workout with 100mg each of TeaCrine theacrine and theanine, and 750mg of n-acetyl l-tyrosine.

Judging by the formula, Myokem fans do definitely look like they’re in for a familiar pre-workout experience. There are far too many things the same for the supplement not to perform similar, however the addition of TeaCrine should have a noticeable effect on the product’s endurance. There is also the chance the brand has increased the doses of some things which could affect its performance a lot, we just can’t confirm that as the original wasn’t 100% transparent.

As much of an idea as we can get from the label, we won’t know exactly how different the new Nitramine is until we actually try it. We do of course look forward to doing just that when the pre-workout is finally released sometime in the next few weeks.

Myokem Nitramine, reformulated


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