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Swole’s upcoming NO Pump keeps things simple with just 3 ingredients

swole no pump

Today we’ve got everything you need to know about one of Swole Sports Nutrition’s two new supplements. For those that missed our post last week on all the big changes coming to the brand, Swole’s two upcoming products are the BCAA formula Branched and pump pre-workout NO Pump. It is the latter we have all he details on here today, with confirmation of a very straightforward formula for NO Pump.

As complex as most of Swole’s other supplements are, its all new stimulant free pre-workout is quite the opposite. Much like the pump competitors MTS Vasky and Purus Labs Noxygen, NO Pump is a combination of only a few ingredients. In total the product has just three features listing 2g each of citrulline malate (2:1) and arginine AKG, and half a gram of agmatine sulfate. Those numbers are all based on a single serving of Swole’s NO Pump, with a total of 30 servings per tub and a recommended maximum of one.

One more thing NO Pump has in common with the two competitors mentioned, MTS Vasky and Purus Noxygen, is that the supplement is going to be unflavored. Not only will that make it a whole lot easier for Swole fans to stack it with the brand’s pre-workout PreWrek, but also with pretty much any other pre-workout.

Swole Sports NO Pump

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