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Swole Sports reformulates PreWrek with betaine and HydroMax


This week we’re going to continue the release of details for all of Swole Sports new supplements, with the product in the spotlight today being the reformulated pre-workout PreWrek. Being a reformulation the supplement isn’t quite as exciting as the entirely new items Branched and NO Pump. PreWrek however has had its fair share of changes, with a number ingredients being removed and just as many being introduced.

Since Swole’s original PreWrek wasn’t a transparent product, and just half of its reformulation is, the only differences we can really confirm are the new, removed and consistent features. Firstly of the previous PreWrek’s 13 ingredients, the brand has carried over 10. That list of 10 includes quite a few common pre-workout ingredients such as CarnoSyn beta-alanine, creatine monohydrate, arginine HCl and caffeine.

As for the three ingredients Swole has left behind for its reformulated PreWrek, the updated supplement is without Razberi K raspberry ketones, sceletium tortuosum and citrulline-dl-malate. Filling in the gaps left behind by the trio you have two transparent features, 1.25g of betaine anhydrous and 750mg of HydroMax glycerol. If you’d like a look at the pre-workout’s complete formula, you can see its official facts panel down below.

Lastly, unlike other weeks when we’ve posted about Swole Sports and its rebranded line of products. Most of the new Swole supplements are actually now available at This includes the item in the spotlight today, the reformulated PreWrek, which can now be picked up in four 30 serving flavors for $29.99 a tub.

Swole Sports PreWrek


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