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Swole Branched featuring more than most aminos

swole branched

A few weeks ago we posted details on one of Swole Sports’ two entirely new supplements, the pump pre-workout formula NO Pump. Today we’re going to follow that up with everything you need to know about the relaunched brand’s other new product, the BCAA formula Swole Branched. While the supplement is promoted as somewhat of a post-workout as you can see on the front of its bottle above. There are actually quite a few things in the product that may convince you to use it pre and/or intra-workout as well.

The catch with Swole Branched is that it has been designed to deliver a number of effects, most of which will come in handy pre and intra-workout more than post-workout. Basically the supplement is broken down into four blends, AminoMix, IntraBlend, HydraBlend and FocusBlend. The AminoMix is where the brand has packed 5g of BCAAs, at the traditional 2:1:1 ratio. Next is the IntraBlend and its two features, 3g of glutamine and 1.5g of citrulline malate (1:1). Moving on down we have the obviously named HydraBlend, a 1g combination of hydration ingredients. Last but not least is the three feature FocusBlend, included to reduce mental fatigue, with rhodiola, mucuna pruriens and DMAE.

With the variety of ingredients it has it’s no surprise Swole Branched promises more than most aminos. The BCAAs, IntraBlend and hydration complex all help make it a solid competitor, although it is the FocusBlend that really sets it apart. Fans of Swole can expect to see the product in stores in the one 30 serving size, and just the one flavor to begin with in Peach Iced Tea.

Swole Branched

swole branched

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