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Swole Sports reintroducing itself with a new look, products and flavors

swole sports

Swole Sports is a brand that’s been around for quite some time although is now getting ready to basically reintroduce itself. If you’ve ever come across the brand before or are a fan of it, you’ll already know by looking at the image above that Swole’s reintroduction does involve a rebrand. Gone are Swole’s blue bottles and color varying labels, which are being replaced by a much more modern and color consistent theme.

As nice as the rebrand looks, and as much as that is usually it for brands that relaunch themselves, that’s not all Swole has coming. On top of its makeover the brand has also reformulated three of its supplements, PreWrek, Turbo Shred and Kreate. Put together two new flavors for the pre-workout PreWrek, and lastly will be introducing two entirely new products with the BCAA formula Branched and the pump pre-workout NO Pump.

All of the Swole action is expected to go down very soon, with some of it already started including rebrands at online retailers and the brand’s website now under construction.

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