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L-Carnitine added to App Nut’s straightforward Pure Series

applied carnitine

This week another product for Applied Nutriceuticals’ basic line of supplements, the Pure Series, has been confirmed. At the moment the brand’s bright white line features a list of common, as well as some uncommon individual ingredient formulas with the likes of Caffeine, 7-Keto, Raspberry Ketones, Yohimbine HCl and ZMA. The latest addition to the App Nut Pure Series is a product more on the common side of things with L-Carnitine. Like all the others in the line the supplement is fairly straightforward with half a gram of carnitine l-tartrate packed into each of its 60 capsules. The product can already be purchased direct from the brand for $11.99 a bottle, and is expected to hit stores sometime soon.