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Three more ingredients confirmed for Beast Mode Black

beast mode black

Over the weekend news came in on a new Beast Sports pre-workout following on from September’s Predator, with a supplement called Beast Mode Black. We weren’t given any images of the product, just the name and confirmation of it having 400mg of caffeine. Today we have a little more on Beast Mode Black, as we now know three more ingredients that will be in the supplement as well as their doses.

Said to be alongside Beast Mode Black’s 400mg of caffeine is 6mg of yohimbe, 75mg of theacrine, and half a gram of agmatine sulfate. The three features help further confirm the product as the more extreme version of Beast Mode we suspect it to be, although do feel there is still more to the pre-workout. Definitely stayed tuned here for updates, as the moment more comes in we’ll be sure to share it as soon as we can.

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