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Dymetadrine Xtreme rebranded with a very different look

Dymetadrine Xtreme

The last time we heard from AST was back at the beginning of this year, when it introduced BCAA-6K. The supplement is AST’s second High Performance Series release, the first being the beef protein Raptor-HP. The latest from the brand isn’t unfortunately anything as exciting as an entirely new item, it does however involve a supplement. Basically AST has rebranded its long-time weight loss solution Dymetadrine Xtreme. The product has dropped its black and red for a very different red on white design, which greatly separates it from the rest of the AST line up. Regardless of whether or not this means a complete rebrand is coming, Dymetadrine Xtreme fans are going to have to be on the lookout for an all new bottle.

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