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Exclusive Protein also now available for pre-order

exclusive protein

Following on from yesterday’s complete unveiling and pre-order launch of Proccor’s pre-workout sequel Pre-RX 2.0. The brand has gone and done the same for two of its other new and previously previewed supplements, Exclusive Protein and Amino Prestige. In this post we’ll be covering the former product Exclusive Protein, with details on the amino formula Amino Prestige found here. Being a protein powder the unveiling hasn’t really brought a lot of surprises, especially since we already knew most of its highlights including its inclusion of IsoChill whey protein isolate.

For those that haven’t come across IsoChill whey isolate before. The brand officially describes it as a combination of whey proteins that are “filtrated using a cold temperature process that allows the proteins to retain their beneficial immunoglobulin factors and other immune enhancing factors such as Lactoferrin.” Exclusive Protein does also actually have a second source of protein in it with WPC 80 (whey protein concentrate), although the IsoChill is promoted as its primary source.

As for the macros in Proccor’s protein they are 25g of protein per serving, with a single gram of carbohydrates and fat, no sugar, and a rather low calorie total of 113. A few other important highlights worth mentioning are that Exclusive Protein is naturally flavored with no fillers, colors or any other additives.

Like Pre-RX 2.0 and Amino Prestige, you can now pre-order Proccor’s protein direct from its website. Also like the brand’s other new supplements the price on Exclusive Protein certainly isn’t bad coming direct from Proccor at $30.99 for a 28 serving 2lb tub. At the moment there is just the one flavor to choose from in Cinnamon Streusel, with pre-orders expected to ship in four days time on Friday.

Proccor Exclusive Protein

exclusive protein

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