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Revolutionary pre-workout said to be coming soon from Giant Sports

giant pre

Giant Sports has made a rather major announcement, saying that it’s put together an all new pre-workout supplement. The last time we actually heard from the brand about anything new was back in August, although on that occasion it was in relation to a new sleep formula. While we have yet to get an update on just how far away Giant’s sleep product is, it does sound like the new pre-workout is going to be here first.

At the moment the brand’s only really confirmed that it has a new pre-workout coming, not going into any detail about what’s in it or even what kind of performance you’ll get out of it. Giant is confidently saying it’s “designed a revolutionary new preworkout that will change the athletic world forever”. We will however need to see a little more of the supplement before we believe that, especially since we’ve heard so many other companies make a similar claim, only to find out that’s not the case.

The big mystery of course is what kind of pre-workout has Giant put together? It does already have Metabolic Bioshock and Giant Pump, covering the brand for both the stimulant and stimulant free markets. The possibilities remaining would be a sequel to either of those two, or what a lot of others have been doing lately with a more extreme edition. Regardless of what the product turns out to be, we should be finding out more very soon as the brand has said “The next big thing is here”, suggesting it’s either ready to go or at least close.

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