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Reformulated Grenade .50 Caliber launched at GNC

50 Caliber

The all new version of Grenade’s pre-workout .50 Caliber which we unveiled earlier in the month, has now finally been released. The supplement was listed at the retailer GNC as “on back-order” for the last few weeks, although just recently has been switched to “in stock”. The store has launched the product for $39.99 or $36.99 for those with a Gold Card, working out to $1.33 or $1.23 a serving. Grenade’s reformulated .50 Caliber is available in both of its previously previewed flavors, Orange Pineapple and Wild Punch. We don’t know if anywhere else is due to get the updated supplement, as at the moment from what we can see GNC is the only one with it.

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