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I Won Protein Chips details released and pre-ordering available

i won protein chips

Following on from yesterday’s reveal of I Won Nutrition’s first product, I Won Protein Chips. The all new brand now has everything up on its website from details on its new item, to pre-ordering opportunities. Starting with the details, yesterday the only macro we could confirm for the I Won Protein Chips was 20g of protein per bag. Thanks to the brand finishing its website update we can confirm that the 20g sits alongside 14 to 16g of carbohydrates (0-2g sugar), a consistent 6g of fiber, 11 to 12g of fat (1.5g saturated), with calorie totals ranging from 240 to 250.

As for pre-ordering the first product from I Won, there are two ways you can go about it. Firstly all five Protein Chips flavors Sea Salt, Ranch, BBQ, Cinnamon French Toast and Sriracha, are available in boxes of eight for $27.92. The other way to secure yourself some I Won Protein Chips is by pre-ordering the variety box. The cost and amount of bags you get is the same at $27.92 and eight, however being a variety box you do get a combination of flavors with two of each except for BBQ and Sriracha which you only get one of.

To secure a box or more of the I Won Protein Chips simply visit the brand’s website at, with shipping of pre-orders expected to take place somewhere near the end of this month.

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