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Olympus Triumph squeezes in seven other ingredients

olympus triumph

Olympus Labs has now released everything you need to know about its upcoming performance powder Triumph, the product that got quite a bit of attention last week when it was officially unveiled. In our last post on the supplement we were only able to confirm three ingredients from the formula with 150mg of ElevATP, 250mg of AlphaSize alpha GPC, and 15g of soy lecithin, yielding exactly 913mg of phosphatidic acid. Based on the size of Olympus Triumph’s serving we figured that wouldn’t be all that’s in the product, which has in fact turned out to be the case.

While initially we did think performance powder was a solid nickname for the new Olympus Triumph. After seeing the rest of its formula we’re starting to think performance powerhouse is much more suitable. Basically on top of its three confirmed features, the supplement also packs seven others. Joining the ElevATP, AlphaSize and phosphatidic acid is 2.5g each of creatine HCl and betaine anhydrous. 2g of carnitine l-tartrate, 1.5g alanine, a gram of glutamine, 100mg rhodiola and 20mg of stearoyl vanillylamide.

As previously confirmed, the Olympus Triumph combination promises a number of effects, all of which make it sound like a solid addition to almost any stack. As well as promoting increased endurance and recovery, the product also includes enhanced focus, and health and wellbeing support.

You can see the full breakdown of the performance formula in its official facts panel below, and actually look forward to seeing the product launch tomorrow.

Olympus Triumph

olympus triumph

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