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Tim Tam Machine Whey heading to Australia in 2016

Tim Tam Machine Whey

It was only two days ago that Marc Lobliner launched his latest MTS Nutrition creation, American Apple Pie Machine Whey. Surprisingly yet another flavor for the same exact supplement has now been announced, one that we’re pretty sure is yet another industry first for the brand. Coming soon from MTS is Tim Tam Machine Whey, or at least that’s what it’s intended to taste like, with the official title being Triple Chocolate Biscuit.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Tim Tams, they’re a type of chocolate biscuit extremely popular in Australia also produced in the country by the food company Arnott’s Biscuits. The official title of Tim Tam Machine Whey does do a good job at describing what it’s like. As it is a triple layer biscuit with two pieces of malted chocolate biscuit, and a layer of chocolate cream in between the two.

The one downside to MTS Nutrition’s 14th Machine Whey flavor is that it is only going to be available in one country. Being inspired by an Australian biscuit it’s almost no surprise the Tim Tam Machine Whey is going to be exclusive to Australia, with the product expected to hit shelves down under early next year.

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