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VMX2 Shot not exactly the same as PhD’s original VMX2

vmx2 shot

UK brand PhD Nutrition has unveiled an all new premixed version of its pre-workout VMX2, simply named VMX2 Shot. Just as the supplement’s titled, not only is it a liquid version of VMX2 but it also comes in a small 60ml shot bottle. Another thing worth mentioning is that despite having a name pretty much identical to the pre-workout powder VMX2, the VMX2 Shot’s formula is quite a bit different.

When we say quite a bit different we do definitely mean it, as the VMX2 Shot is not only missing some ingredients that the original has but it also features some the original does not. In total the 60ml formula lists 12 ingredients, or nine if you leave out the B vitamins. Some of the contents PhD fans may remember from the VMX2 powder include beta-alanine, american ginseng, taurine and of course caffeine. As for a couple of the features it’s missing, the VMX2 Shot is without betaine and CreaPure creatine. It does however attempt to fill in the gaps with half a gram of citrulline malate and 300mg of Sustamine glutamine, two ingredients that aren’t in the original.

You can see the full list of features in PhD’s new VMX2 Shot in its official label below. If you like what you see you can now pick up the product direct from the brand’s website in cases of 12 in two flavors, Raspberry Rush and Orange Blast, for £19.99.

PhD Nutrition VMX2 Shot

vmx2 shot

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