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Four new supplements coming soon from Ceuticore


Ceuticore Nutrition has released an upcoming teaser image that should definitely get fans of the brand quite excited. The image basically features four blacked out supplements, all of which have been confirmed as different from one another. Two of the items are powder formulas and the other two capsules, leaving us all wondering what it is Ceuticore has coming. While the teaser doesn’t initially look like it gives a lot away with its silhouettes, on closer inspection we do actually get an idea on what the brand might have on the way.

You may not be able to see it in the image above, however close up you can make out letters on the two capsule products. The one on the left has a title beginning with “M” followed by what appears to be the letter “Y”, and the one on the right ends in a much larger “N”. While that may not seem like much, when you take a look at Ceuticore’s current line up you will notice those letters match up perfectly with the brand’s two capsule formulas, Myostane MX and BRN.

We obviously can’t be certain that those are the supplements in the teaser, although if they are, it likely means we’re in for new versions of the muscle-builder Myostane and fat burner BRN. As for what the other two products are, a closer look doesn’t reveal any more information. If however Myostane and BRN are in fact the two capsule supplements, it wouldn’t be too surprising if the others were new versions of Ceuticore’s remaining two, Force MG and Refuel XT.

More information on the four products is expected to be along soon, so if you’re a Ceuticore Nutrition make sure you stay tuned.

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