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GlutaCORP a little more complex than its title suggests


Recon Nutrition has continued to grow its relatively small line of supplements this week, revealing and releasing an all new basic formula named GlutaCORP. Unlike most basics, the latest from the brand isn’t an individual ingredient product packing a handful of different features. As you’d expect with a name like GlutaCORP, the supplement does of course include glutamine with two forms of the ingredient alongside seven other features.

Recon’s new GlutaCORP is broken down into two proprietary blends, the first a 3g combination of regular l-glutamine and l-alanyl l-glutamine. The second blend is where the product’s seven other ingredients are with a 1.65g mix of alanine, leucine, glycine, cysteine, sodium phosphate, potassium chloride and magnesium chelate. All together Recon promotes a number of helpful effects for GlutaCORP promising reduced muscle soreness, muscle loss prevention as well as fat reduction.

To celebrate the launch of GlutaCORP, Recon is offering an introductory discount on the supplement direct through its website. For a limited time you can use the product’s title as a coupon code to drop its regular price of $29.99 down to $24.99.

Recon Nutrition GlutaCORP


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