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iSatori launches its other three new supplements


Late last week iSatori launched its third new supplement of the six it unveiled a few weeks back, making the Bio-Gro infused protein powder Bio-Active Whey available for purchase. The rest of the brand’s new products have now followed suit with Lipo-Drex, Amino-Gro and Creatine A5X also in stock on iSatori’s website. The prices on the supplements are $27.99 for 50 serving tubs of Creatine A5X, $31.99 for Amino-Gro with only two of its three flavors to choose from, and Lipo-Drex the most expensive at $49.99. With all the new iSatori products now available direct we imagine they’re not far from stores, where we will likely see a very different set of prices.

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