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Mystery PhD product gives a bit away in its hashtags


Just as PhD Nutrition does for almost all of its new supplements, this week it has started the build up to its next big release with a rather vague teaser. All that the UK brand has dropped so far is an image of a blank bottle, and a handful of hashtags. While the blank bottle does confirm or at least suggest the mystery PhD product is a powder formula, it is the hashtags that point us in a more specific direction.

Alongside the brand’s teaser image it has included the standout hashtag, ‪#‎TheCompleteSolution‬. We obviously won’t be 100% certain until we see more information, but based on that hashtag we get the feeling the mystery supplement could be a meal replacement. #TheCompleteSolution does also suggest post-workout or even pre-workout, although either way you look at it the brand is talking about some kind of complex formula.

Regardless of whether or not more details are dropped in the next couple of days. We should find out everything there is to know about the latest from PhD before the week is out, as the product is expected to be completely unveiled by Friday.

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