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Recovery Adaptogens and Health Multi-Vitamin almost go unnoticed in WOD Crusher Series image

recovery adaptogens

Just as it did with the mystery supplement that later turned out to be Crush Intra-WOD. Scitec Nutrition has released yet another WOD Crusher Series family photo featuring a couple of entirely new products that almost go unnoticed. Up until now the brand’s Crossfit marketed line had a total of eight supplements, which doesn’t quite match up with the picture above as it has 10, meaning Scitec has added two. The new additions are a little hard to make out at first but are officially titled Recovery Adaptogens and Health Multi-Vitamin.

While we don’t yet know a whole lot about either of the new Scitec WOD Crusher products, their names do of course tell us a bit about their intentions. Recovery Adaptogens we can only assume is going to be some kind of recovery formula, with Health Multi-Vitamin obviously being a multi-vitamin supplement. From here all we can do is wait for more information, which may not actually take very long as last time we spotted a new WOD Crusher product we got all the details we needed two days later.

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