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Ruckus Vasky stack review: Intense energy meets skin splitting pumps

ruckus vasky stack review

This review is quite a bit different from all of our others, as it is in fact the first time we’ve ever reviewed a supplement stack as opposed to each of the products individually. The combination is the MTS Nutrition pre-workout pair of Ruckus, and the pump powered Vasky. The main reason we decided to do a Ruckus Vasky stack review is purely because the two really amplify one another. They’re also competitively priced when purchased together, especially when you get them like we did at 20% off.

Maximum of each exactly the right amount

Before we go into how the Ruckus Vasky stack performs in a workout, we’re going to quickly go over dosing for the two. Obviously it is best to play around a bit to see what combination you prefer, however for us the maximum of each was perfect. For those that haven’t looked at the two before, the maximum of each is one two scoop serving of Ruckus, and one single scoop serving of Vasky. On occasions we did do a heaped Ruckus and Vasky, which probably added about 10 to 20% in powder although didn’t result in any kind of increase in performance.

ruckus vasky stack review

Moving on to how well the Ruckus Vasky stack performs in a workout, it basically comes down to two major effects with a third having somewhat of a hand in it. The areas the pair deliver well on are energy and pump, with a touch of focus. We’re going to start things off by describing the energy in the stack, which comes on after the usual delay between taking a pre-workout and it hitting you, at around 10 to 20 minutes.

Strong but smooth rush of energy

The best way to explain the Ruckus Vasky energy in as few words as possible is a smooth, powerful rush. It does hit you fairly strongly, but also comes over you quite smoothly. Say for example you’re sitting down and waiting for it to kick in, you won’t likely notice it. The energy will however get you up, get you moving, then gradually build you up to the point where you’re ready to destroy a workout.

After the Ruckus Vasky energy hits, you can expect to be solidly fueled for a good hour. While the energy does drop a bit following the kick, it will stay strong right throughout your workout. The consistent effect will make sure you go set after set, with very little rest needed in between. Not because the pre-workout is able to refuel your body, but because the energy just makes you go non-stop even when you need an extra minute. Basically prepare to destroy your body willingly, as the Ruckus Vasky stack gives you everything you need to do so, including energy so strong it’s encouraging.

ruckus vasky stack review

Real skin-splitting pumps

The second major effect in the Ruckus Vasky combination is pump, which like the energy is at a five star level. The stack has the insane ability to pump you up to what will feel like your limit, and does so surprisingly quickly. The speed of the effect did vary for us from workout to workout, although the shortest time it took for the stack’s pump to become noticeable was only two sets into a workout. It’s almost like a rush of pump to where ever your focus is, whether it be back, arms or chest.

As mentioned the pump in the Ruckus Vasky stack is all about fullness, so much so you could actually describe it as skin-splitting. To double-check just how good the pump was we did in fact decide to measure on a number of arm days. Up until now the biggest temporary increase in arm size we’d seen from a stimulant or dedicated pump pre-workout, was a little over 1″. While it may sound unbelievable the Ruckus and Vasky stack, combined with a high rep, hour arm day pushed that record up to 1 1/2″. The average was a bit lower than that, but the pump is definitely better than anything we’ve seen before.

Touch of focus

The third and final effect in MTS Nutrition’s Ruckus and Vasky combination is focus, the only one of the three effects that isn’t at an incredibly high level. In short the focus isn’t anywhere near as good as we’ve seen in other pre-workouts, however it is in there. It does help get you in the zone heading into the gym, as well as keep you right where you need to be during your workout. The problem with the focus though is that the energy and pump overshadow it as soon as they kick in and pick up. Fortunately that isn’t a bad thing as the energy ensures your intensity is as high as it can be, leaving very little room for any more focus than it already has.

When all three effects or essentially two, come together, it really is an experience you won’t forget. With the energy forcing you and your body beyond what you’re used to almost every set, and the extremely enjoyable pump blowing up every muscle you focus on. You’ll eventually find yourself intensely repeating sets as short as 30 seconds apart, pushing to actually burst out of your skin. The combination makes each set a mission as it’s basically a race between your body getting too tired to rep, or your muscles to full or sore to do any more.

Perfect combination of five star energy and pump

All we have left to say is that the Ruckus Vasky stack is incredible. It may only come through well on two effects, but it does at levels that are truly unbeatable. Unfortunately since we are talking about a stack we can’t fairly rank it against other pre-workouts out there, although if it were a single supplement it’d be one of the best available. In saying that, even though it is a stack the price of Ruckus and Vasky combined is on occasions cheaper than a lot of pre-workouts. It’s usual price is $44.98, however if you wait for an MTS sale at Tiger Fitness like we did you could get the pair for as low as $35.98.

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