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Upcoming testosterone booster Testify Pro weighing in at 10g a scoop

testify pro

Olympus Labs has unveiled its next new supplement, introducing the flavored testosterone booster Testify Pro. Just like when the brand last teased a new product, all we have to go off at the moment is the preview picture above and a few details. Unfortunately as you can see the preview doesn’t exactly give us a whole lot of information, except for the fact that Testify Pro is Chocolate Coffee flavored and features BioPerine.

There is actually one more detail the preview picture reveals, the weight of Testify Pro. The upcoming supplement tips the scales at a massive 1lb or 602g, working out to 10g a scoop or 20g if the product is your typical 30 days supply. While the size doesn’t necessarily confirm any ingredients or really mean anything. It does give Olympus plenty of room for a solid formula, which after seeing all it did in 2015 we get the feeling that is exactly what it’s done.

As for the Testify Pro details we have outside of the preview picture, they also don’t confirm any actual ingredients however are extremely interesting. Olympus has said that to begin with the supplement will only be available direct as some sort of limited edition. More information on that and the product is expected to be coming in over the next few weeks, with the brand looking to launch Testify Pro in roughly two weeks time.

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