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Betancourt kicks off 2016 with an Aminogen infused whey protein

betancourt whey

Betancourt Nutrition has unveiled its first new supplement for the year, which is also its first protein powder since its 2014 launch of The Beef Standard. The new product is simply called Betancourt Whey, an obvious whey protein formula that we don’t actually know a whole lot about just yet. A preview is all the brand has released so far, although like most it does give us a few little details.

Firstly we know that Betancourt Whey will feature whey isolate, which probably won’t be its only source of protein. The supplement does also include the branded digestive enzyme blend Aminogen, and will have just 1g of sugar per serving. As for some details outside of the few from its formula, Betancourt Whey is going to be coming in at least one flavor with Chocolate, and at least one size with a traditional 5lb tub.

Betancourt has yet to give an exact day, week or even month for when its upcoming protein powder will be available, leaving us with the vague time frame of “coming soon”.

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