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Ceuticore’s mystery four turn as to be exactly what we suspected


Last month Ceuticore Nutrition released an image of four new, blacked out supplements which we believed to be reformulations of the brand’s current line up. We’ve now got the same image without the products shaded confirming that Ceuticore’s four new supplements are in fact all reformulations. As you can see above the uncovered picture includes all of the brand’s current products with the fat burner BRN, muscle-builder Myostane MX, pre-workout Force MG and the amino Refuel XT.

The first thing fans might notice is that three of the reformulations don’t carry on their predecessor’s full names, with Myostane MX, Force MG and Refuel XT being switched to just Myostane, Force and Refuel. As for what Ceuticore has changed on the inside, we don’t have any official labels yet so we can’t unfortunately confirm everything. We do however have a few highlights from the front of each supplement’s bottle.

The highlights for Myostane are 1g of agmatine sulfate, 500mg Torabolic and 150mg of alpha GPC. For BRN you have 2g of acetyl l-carnitine, 250mg ashwagandha, and 200mg of Capsicum. Re-Fuel lists 4g of leucine, 2g carnitine tartrate, and half a gram of tart cherry extract. Last but not least is the pre-workout Force and its highlights with 6g of pure citrulline, 2.5g betaine anhydrous and 2g of creatine HCl. We should also mention that not all of those are new ingredients or doses, as some have just been carried over from the originals.

Definitely stay tuned for more on the new BRN, Myostane, Force and Refuel, as their remaining details are expected to be available very soon as well as the products themselves.

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