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Conquer Unleashed Review: Complete pre-workout, although a little light on energy

conquer unleashed review

One of the most interesting pre-workouts released last year came from Olympus Labs with its sequel supplement Conquer Unleashed. The product was introduced in two versions, one with stimulants and one without. Over the past month we’ve been putting the former to the test, to find out if it is in fact as good as it looks. As expected Conquer Unleashed is an extremely effective pre-workout, although like most it’s not without its faults.

Much like the packed out formula suggests, Olympus Labs’ Conquer Unleashed is quite the complete pre-workout experience delivering a handful of different effects. From energy and focus to pump and performance, the supplement really has it all. Its levels in each area however are where the product sets itself apart, with a solid amount of focus and pump, and somewhat strong doses of performance and energy.

Light on energy

Usually we start with how a pre-workout performs 10 to 15 minutes after you take it, as most of the time that is where its kick or energy comes in. In the case of Conquer Unleashed we didn’t actually find it had an overly strong kick, in fact some of our more stimulant loving reviewers didn’t notice much at all. The energy in the supplement is more like a light lift as you won’t necessarily feel it come over you, although as you progress through your workout you will get a slow increase in intensity. While the effect is somewhat light it will remain consistent throughout your workout, staying at a good noticeable level from when it gradually fades in to finish.

conquer unleashed review

Conquer Unleashed nails focus

Moving on from what was somewhat of a disappointing amount of energy in Conquer Unleashed, we now go to the product’s focus which is actually the highlight of the pre-workout. This is where the supplement well and truly shines with the focus having more of a hit than the energy. Around the time you would usually feel a pre-workout’s kick, Conquer Unleashed has a powerful zoning in effect.

The product’s focus essentially clears everything out of your head, leaving all your attention on the job at hand. When you combine that with the gradually increasing energy, Conquer Unleashed goes from a very “in the zone” type beginning to an uplifting experience that has you calmly, but seriously focused on each and every rep, set and exercise. What makes the supplement’s pairing of energy and focus even better is that they both last long enough to comfortably fuel you for a typical 45 to 60 minute workout.

conquer unleashed review

Noticeable amount of pump

Next we have what is probably the second or close to second best effect in Conquer Unleashed, and that is its pump. While the effect is definitely in there, it’s not quite as good as dedicated pump formulas or more effective pre-workouts, where you blow up without even pushing for a good pump. The product does make you work a little to get it going, however once it does you will be treated to a relatively fulfilling dense and painful type pump. We also feel the focus in Conquer Unleashed does somewhat play a role in the pump, as the mind altering effect allows you to feel out each muscle a little better, resulting in the more dense, hard pump.

Perform as best you can

Last but not least is the performance part of Conquer Unleashed which much like the focus and a bit like the pump, is a highlight of the pre-workout’s experience. When we talk about performance we generally mean, does the supplement have a strong set of ingredients and a good enough balance of effects to fuel you throughout your workout? Some formulas go too heavy on the stimulants encouraging you to take shorter rests, and forcing you to exhaustion a lot quicker than you would like.

That is certainly not the case for Conquer Unleashed, as even if you do decide to push the boundaries by shortening your rests or destroying your body with a drop set, the Olympus Labs pre-workout will have you covered. Not only does it ensure you’re refueled enough before heading into each set. But even when you go in before you feel ready, Conquer Unleashed will have your body performing at the top of its game or at least better than it normally would.

conquer unleashed review

Perfect for low stim fans

Overall Conquer Unleashed is a surprisingly unique product that we didn’t expect to turn out the way it did, but ended up enjoying it more than we had hoped. Most pre-workout competitors are quite heavy on the energy, so it’s definitely a nice change of pace to see something not as stimulating that still delivers in every area.

The focus and pump are probably the two biggest effects in Conquer Unleashed, although don’t take that as the energy and performance being weak. While we did say the energy is light, it does get better as you move through your workout with the performance allowing you to also take the intensity up a notch. Basically if you’re someone who likes complete pre-workouts, but could do without a lot of energizing stimulants or at least the feeling of a lot, then Conquer Unleashed is well worth trying.

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