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Olympus Labs unveiling four new supplements at the Arnold Classic

olympus labs

The fast growing Olympus Labs has just dropped another teaser for an all new supplement only weeks after it launched its testosterone booster Testify. The teaser doesn’t exactly say a lot about the product, however the important fact is that the brand is keeping the innovations coming. To make the news even more exciting for Olympus fans, the teased supplement isn’t actually all the brand is planning on releasing in the next month or so.

As well as confirming the one upcoming product, which as you can see in the teaser above does look like a capsule formula. Olympus Labs has also said that the mystery item is due to be unveiled alongside three other new supplements. Just like the blurred out product, we unfortunately don’t know anything about any of the three. What we can confirm though is that we are in for more teasers in the build up to the official unveiling of the four, which is going to go down at the Arnold Classic in just over three weeks time.

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