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Pre-Gro Max confirmed just over a year after the launch of Pre-Gro

pre-gro max

It has been confirmed that yet another one of our top 10 pre-workouts is going to be reformulated or at least have a new version released. Just less than one year a go we purchased a tub of iSatori’s Bio-Gro infused Pre-Gro, which went on to become one of the best pre-workouts of 2015. It has now been revealed that a sequel or spin-off named Pre-Gro Max is on the way.

At the moment the only thing we have on the upcoming Pre-Gro Max is the image above, giving us a straightforward front on look at the supplement. As you can see it doesn’t really confirm much, with the few details we get from it being that it still features Bio-Gro, will come in at least two flavors Blue Razz Snow Cone and Mixed Berry Fruit Smash, and have 60 servings per tub. We can also kind of make out its tub weight at what appears to be 360g, which if that is correct we’re looking at a serving size of 6g.

Of all the new pre-workouts on the way, Pre-Gro Max is definitely one we’re now looking forward to. Despite not knowing a whole lot about it we can only hope it’s an improvement on the original, a product that we actually found had almost nothing wrong with it.

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