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Superstim details released revealing a combination of six ingredients


We initially heard about Driven Sports’ all new energy supplement SuperStim back at the end of last year. Now, almost two months later the brand has finally released everything you need to know about the product, including the ingredients it relies on to deliver its promise of long-lasting energy. Just as you’d expect with a name like SuperStim, the supplement is packed full of stimulants with a total of six different ingredients.

The six features making up the latest from Driven Sports are phyllanthus extract, caffeine, grapefruit, Japanese sophora, yohimbe and lastly to help with absorption, Bioperine black pepper. The product doesn’t list the dose for any of its ingredients, with all six wrapped up in a single proprietary blend weighing in at 875mg per capsule. Like most energy formulas the brand recommends starting off light with SuperStim using just the one capsule a day, then from there you can bump it up to two or the maximum of three.

While long-lasting energy was the only effect originally confirmed for SuperStim, now that everything you need to know about it has been released we have a much bigger list of promises from Driven Sports. As well as featuring long-lasting energy the supplement also apparently packs in appetite suppression, thermogenesis, a mental boost and overall weight loss support.

As for when you’ll be able to get your hands on SuperStim, the product has in fact just been launched through the brand’s website. Fans can now pick it up direct from Driven Sports for $35.99 per 60 tablet bottle.

Driven Sports SuperStim


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