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Giant also unveils a simpler Giant Pump in Melbourne

giant pump

Yesterday we were quite surprised by Giant Sports as the well established brand introduced two new products here at the Arnold Australia. We saw the entirely new pre-workout Giant Rush and another protein powder flavor with Raspberry White Chocolate Delicious. As it turns out the brand does in fact have three new releases here in Melbourne with the third being a simpler version of Giant Pump.

Now when we say a simpler version of Giant Pump, we do really mean it has the one you see pictured above has just three main ingredients. Like the more complex original, the supplement unveiled this weekend in Melbourne does feature NO3-T glutamine nitrate and vitamin C, both at slightly different doses with 800 and 200mg. The new Giant Pump’s third feature is something the original doesn’t have with Hydromax glycerol powder included at a strong 1.5g per serving.

Giant has put together its simpler Giant Pump in three flavors, Red Raspberry, Tropical Punch, the always convenient Unflavored. Each tub comes with a total of 40 servings, with one to two servings being the amount recommended for a workout.