Nubreed issues a nationwide recall of its pre-workout Undisputed

nubreed undisputed

Nubreed Nutrition has issued a “voluntary nationwide recall” of one of its more well known supplements. The product the recall is related to is the brand’s pre-workout Undisputed, not to be confused with Nubreed’s more recently released pre-workout competitor Whiplash. According to the brand’s press release it’s issued the recall because it’s been “informed by representatives of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that acacia rigidula does not meet the definition of a dietary ingredient”.

Acacia rigidula is of course one of the many ingredients in Nubreed’s older pre-workout. Undisputed has been taken down from the brand’s website, however it can still be purchased from a few major retailers such as Tiger Fitness and A1 Supplements. Consumers are being advised to return any unused amounts to the retailer they purchased it from or Nubreed direct.

It is worth mentioning again that the recall is only being made because acacia rigidula is not a dietary ingredient. No “illnesses or injuries have been reported to date in connection” with Undisputed, it is just because acacia doesn’t meet the FDA’s definition of dietary ingredient. You can can read Nubreed’s full recall press release on its website.

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