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Olympus Labs Elix1r designed to help with focus, stress, mood and more


Out of the four new Olympus Labs supplements revealed and released today, Elix1r is definitely the one we did not see coming. The product is in fact a focus formula, designed only to help in that area and that is it. Being a supplement from Olympus Labs its list of effects does obviously extend out from just straightforward enhanced focus with Elix1r also promising increased attention, mood elevation, cognitive enhancement and stress reduction.

To ensure it delivers all of those effects Olympus Labs has packed Elix1r with a total of seven different ingredients. Four of the features are transparently dosed with 450mg of bacopa monnieri, 300mg caffeine anhydrous, 125mg Sensoril branded withania somnifera and 4mg of galantamine. The product’s other three ingredients are all wrapped up in a single 1.8g proprietary blend, listing ALCAR (acetyl-l-carnitine), AlphaSize alpha GPC, and j. regia which is also in Olympus Labs’ pre-workout as well as its new fat burner.

Like Olympus Labs’ other three new supplements, Elix1r has been launched today through the brand’s own website. Fans and those interested can now pick up the 30 serving product in its one Majestic Red flavor for the limited time price of $24.49.

Olympus Labs Elix1r


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