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Recon Nutrition starts teasing its next new supplement

recon nutrition

While we don’t usually hear from Recon Nutrition a whole lot, this week it has started teasing what is presumably its next new supplement. So far all the brand has done is confirm that the mystery item is a capsule formula, with 60 capsules and servings per bottle. That immediately rules out the possibility of it being the protein powder Opspro, which we’ve been waiting for since November last year.

Seeing as there is almost no information available for what ever Recon has up next, we don’t feel overly confident in guessing what kind of product it is. Regardless we’ll say what we think it might be anyway, with our guess being a fat burner. That is purely based on the fact that the supplement squeezes in one serving into one capsule, and that it doesn’t appear to be another entry in Recon’s individual ingredient Basic Training series.

Hopefully we’ll get more on the product soon and it won’t be like Recon’s protein Opspro, which as mentioned we haven’t heard anything more on since it was first pictured almost five months ago.

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