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Red Ghost set to replace Controlled Labs’ 3 year old Red Acid Reborn

red ghost

Controlled Labs has unveiled its first entirely new supplement for 2016, outside of its spin-off brand and product Venture Bar. The name of the formula is Red Ghost, which like all of its other red themed supplements is a weight loss solution. Controlled Labs does in fact already have two entries in that category, with Red Ghost officially set to replace one of those two.

The upcoming product is going to be the brand’s follow up to Red Acid Reborn, a fat burner that is actually roughly three years old. Since that is the supplement it’s replacing and we only have a preview to go off for Red Ghost, it would be good to assume it’s going to feature stimulants. We do also know the weight loss formula is going to have a much heavier combination of ingredients compared to Red Acid Reborn as it has a four capsule serving instead of a two.

For now Controlled Labs is only saying Red Ghost is coming soon, which shouldn’t be too far away as the brand doesn’t usually take long to release a product after revealing it.

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